Sunday, 6 February 2011

Electronic Ticketing for Bus Terminals

I do feel that it is a wise move for the ministry to introduce electronic ticketing for all bus terminals. This is a wise move as there are always a possibility of people selling "extra tickets" for a higher price especially during the festive season. It will be a good move but I'm just wondering whether this scheme will work in the long run. I am saying this is because I've seen many schemes with good intentions but they don't last - "Machine Rosak" .

What are we going to do if the machine is out of order and it takes ages for people to come over to repair it? In the end, people would still have to rely on a person selling tickets to passengers.

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Joshua Lopez said...

Selalu Rosak Punya! Suma Rosak! Putra LRT Machine Paling Rosak Punya! Hari-Hari Rosak!

ぜるもう said...

That is why I have doubts when they try to implement this system.