Friday, 11 February 2011


It is a bombshell - With Nokia forming an alliance with Microsoft, what's going to be folks? I think Nokia needs to refresh their Symbian platform. Let's face it. The aging Symbian ^3 is not much difference from the existing s60v5. I think it will be a good idea since Meego is on its way.

The problem with Nokia is that they would always try to release a new OS without perfecting their existing OS! Joining force with Microsoft will be good but does it mean that there will be a new OS being launched? That is absolutely crazy! Where is this going? Just look at Google's Android platform - It's fast and user friendly although you need to have a google account to appreciate it all. That's the only catch.

It is about time Nokia realise their mistakes and release some cool mobile phones. What we need is a consistent flow of good hardware mobile phones with stable firmwares and it comes with consistant updates.

Wake up Nokia. I am with you all the time but make us - Your loyal fans proud!

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ぜるもう said...

Update: It seems that Nokia will be able to customise the User Interface to accomodate any updates by Microsoft. It will be interesting to see the traditional Nokia logo with the joining of hands animation when you boot up the phone. LOL