Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dell XPS 17 (L702X) - Update

If you are pretty upset with the fact that you were mis-sold, don't worry too much as you could just make a call to Dell and ask for a replacement. I have seen that some people were lucky to have their replacement but some were not as lucky - Dell customer service turned them down for a replacement unit. I believe that best thing to do is to make an order of your laptop through the telephone as a representative will be able to answer all your questions prior to you making an order.

I have posted an article with regard to the non 3D screen, i.e. 900p resolution here. The only concern with the non 3D screen is that you will not be able to upgrade your XPS 17 (L702X) to 16GB as you would only have 2 memory slots. The only way for you to received 4 memory slots would be to get a 3D screen + 3GB GT555M 3D capable gpu card.

Well, you could ask me whether it is worth while ordering a 3D screen as compared to a non-3D screen, Before I answer this question, it is important to look at the pros and cons about having a non-3D screen and having a 3D screen.

If you have a non-3D screen, you would have the ability to use Nvidia's Optimus technology. Basically, it switches automatically between the integrated graphics and the Nvidia GT555M gpu card. In doing so, you would have around 6-8 hours of battery life with a single charge. It also depends on your workload for the day. Compare it to you ordering a 3D screen + 3D capable Nvidia gpu card. If you have ordered a 3D screen + 3D capable gpu card, you will be able to experience fully 3D movies and games (where available) on your XPS 17. The downside to it is that Nvidia Optimus is disabled.

What it means is that you will have the 3GB Nvidia GT555M gpu card always switched on. That would translate to a 2-3 hours of battery life on a single charge as compared to the 6-8 hours of battery life if Nvidia's Optimus technology is enabled. I just don't understand why Dell would want to disable Nvidia's Optimus technology. That would be a shame. The good point of hacing a 3D screen + 3D gpu card is that you will have the option to upgrade your system memory to a full 16GB instead of the 8GB on other configurations.

Good luck!


Joshua Lopez said...

Miss You So Much. May get a laptop sometime soon. Take Care...

ぜるもう said...

You should get a laptop soon as it will greatly help you in your life of work.

Joshua Lopez said...

I need to get it for my further studies. Will do it within the next two months.

ぜるもう said...

You do need a good and portable laptop.

ぜるもう said...

For those of you who has a Dell XPS 17 (L702X), there is an updated BIOS - A10 for your disposal.

Flip said...

Wrong statement regarding the 2 slot version (non 3D): 16 GB (2x 8GB Kit) is supported unless 8 GB modules exist (statement Kingston).

Used modules are 204-Pin S0-Dimm, DDR3 PC1333 (from i/-2720QM and up possibly with PC1600 but without functional guarantee).

Found kits are:
Cruicical 16GB kit (8GBx2), 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module, Part Number: CT2KIT102464BF1339, $ 799.99

This is a trick to let Dell customers buy the 3D display but it has a lack of features compared to the non 3D (energy saving, usable with bad eyes). On the other hand it is a betray to say it can do 16 GB but for now only 8 GB will be supported (nevertheless if anyhow ever 8GB modules will be bought by enough people to make them affordable).

Flip said...

I don't like to make adds for cheaper items and to replace items for yourself but Dell forces me to reconment it. A small margin for an upgrade would be acceptable for cheap third world country manufacturing but prices for upgrades are daylight robbery (almost +200% to +300% compared to PC hardware web stores).

For those who like 8GB but don't like the € 130,- from Dell for it:
8GB reference Kit from Kingston at inprotec for € 50,- /

The same fun is with BD-RAM/DVD-RAM Combos:
You get drives from LG/Sony for € 80,- in web-stores but Dell refuses to sell them (€ 100,- for the BD-ROM/DVD Combo is more than betray). To replace drive patiently remove the old drive from Dell bay and insert BD drive. There are a lot of guides in the net how to do this.

For Harddiscs the same situation:
The upgrade for 500 GB to 650 GB costs the same taking standard and buying additional 650 GB at web stores.

For those who scare and think Dell gives no guarantee for that:
Only the replaced parts have no Dell guarantee but you will still have guarantee for the system. Dell has to give you the possibility to replace specific parts (all items that can be replaced by opening the normal upgrade bays).

ぜるもう said...

Dear Flip,

Many thanks in informing that the Dell XPS 17 (L702X) will take in 2X8GB. However, please bear in mind that I have asked Dell in writing but they have not replied for this moment. Instead, I was told that the most which the laptop can handle is 4GBx2 for the non 3D version. Well, unless, you are willing to try on OWC's 8GBX2 which will set you back around US$852 excluding postage which Dell has not endorsed it.

I will be waiting for a confirmation from Dell.

Dr. Dre said...

Will there any updates for xps l703x? what changes will happens. thx.

ぜるもう said...

Dear Dr. Dre,

I think there will be no further updates to the XPS L702X until the arrival of Ivy Bridge cpu. Until then, we would just have to stick with the refreshed Sandy Bridge cpu.