Friday, 24 June 2011

HP laptops

From my personal experience with HP laptops, I have to say that it does not give me any pride in approving any laptops from them. First of all, their laptops are much lower spec. as compared to other manufacturers e.g. Dell, Asus and Samsung. The worst part of all, you can't choose to upgrade your laptop prior to buying it from HP e.g. Dell and Sony.

When is HP going to pick up the initiative from Dell? Apart from that, I have to recommend HP to everyone! It has a good reputation with customers and you would seldom hear of people returning their HP laptops, unlike Dell.

I do find HP laptops are durable although not a fancy as Dell. Their business type laptops e.g. Probook are durable and quiet. I would hope that HP would release more Sandy Bridge Core i7 laptops in the near future. They should have support for backlit keyboards for business laptops and not just foused on the Envy range of laptops.

Apart from all this, the HP laptop is well recommended. I do, particularly like their laptop batteries. Generally they are made for what they are.

Way to go HP!!!


uday said...

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No problem at all! Gladly!

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sager said...

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