Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nokia N9 and N950

I am thrilled! Do you know why? Well, finally, Nokia has come up with some good products to showcase their development especially during an important event such as the Nokia Communications 2011 in Singapore. The show is still running at this moment and I am really proud to be one of Nokia's fan again! I

It is mentioned by Elop that there will be two Meego devices, one which is targetted at consumers, i.e. the Nokia N9 and a developers' unit, the N950. Whatever it is, I am really happy to see that Nokia has taken Meego quite seriously! I hope that they have awaken especially after Intel criticised Nokia for joining the alliance with Microsoft. I would have foreseen it as Elop has strong ties with Microsft. Besides that, releasing WP7 on a Nokia device should not come as a surprise taking into account that many other manufacturers have done so.

The N9 will be equipped with a 1Ghz single core ARM A8 cpu with 1GB of ROM. That is pretty good. If that does not get you excited, it comes with a 3.9" AMOLED capacitive touchscreen! I am quite amazed at Nokia because they have Clear Black Display - Why not use it? The screen itself reminds me of the N8. Perhaps Nokia would just use up their existing stock instead?

Nokia has done it again by applying an 8MP autofocus lens on the N9. It is equipped with a Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash. I think it is superb although Xenon flash will be more appealing and the fact that it does not have a secondary camera to support video calling. Personally, I don't think a secondary camera is useful unless Skype release an updated software which will support video calling. Well, until now, it is only available on the iOS. Terrible!

The device supports quadband GSM and Pentaband UTMS. I do find the battery life would increase especially with a 1450mAh battery. This is just perfect! Shouldn't Nokia just use the exisintg 1500mAh battery on the E90, E71, E72 and E73? That would save a lot of money, don't you think so? Perhaps the exisitng battery takes up a lot of space and it is heavy! Just look at Samsung's 1650mAh battery on their Samsung Galaxy S2!!! It is light and packed with power!!!

I am thrilled!!! I just can't wait for Nokia to release the N9! Perhaps by then Nokia will recapture the crown as the number one mobile phone producer and seller in the world!

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