Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Parallels Desktop 6

Ever since I've been attached to the Macbook Pro, I could not stop thinking of dual booting or even using two OS together. I then had to look up on the internet for various softwares which will allow me to do so. in the end, I have come to a conclusion that I can either use VM or Parallels Desktop.

Why Parallels Desktop 6?
I have chosen Parallels Desktop 6 because I do find it easier to maneuver. As I've only had the intention to install Windows 7 on it, it runs pretty well! First of all, you do need to update your Apple Mac OS X and then insert your Parallels Desktop CD and begin the installation. You could configure the capacity of the virtual hard disk which you desire and the amount of memory to be allocated via the 'preferences' option.

The installation of the Parallels Desktop 6 (PD6) went smoothly without any problems. Straight after installing it, the programme will ask for an installation DVD or CD for your new OS. I do feel that the software is user friendly and I did not have any problems with the installation.

With the installation of Windows 7 on my virtual hard disk, I can run both Mac OS X and Windows 7 at the same time without much of a problem. Bear in mind that it will be best to upgrade your Mac's memory to 8GB (although 2x8GB is possible with both Samsung and OWC but it cost around US$1400 a pair of 8GB). I would most probably upgrade it to 16GB in due course. With 16GB, it will most definitely help to speed up processes under Mac and Windows.

With PD6, there are a few things which the software developer could improve. First of all, they could improve on the support for Apple's bluetooth and usb ports as I can't use Nokia PC Suite with bluetooth under Windows 7! I can only use usb via Nokia's Ovi Suite. That is just so cruel.

Final words...
I would definitely recommend this product. Well, it is selling quite cheaply on eBay as compared to some online stores. Just get it and you will like it.

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