Sunday, 7 August 2011

Apple Mighty Mouse

If you are one of those people who would like to purchase a bluetooth mouse and have thought about using the Apple Mighty Mouse, think again.

From my personal experience with using the device, it is fast and compatible with OS X Lion particularly with the new gestures which comes together with the new OS. The latest Mighty Mouse is fast and accurate but a big letdown would be towards its shape and sizes. The mouse is just too flat!

The new Mighty Mouse is basically unsuitable for many people with big hands like me. If you were to use the Mighty Mouse for a long period of time, you will surely experience wrist pains. Moreover, £59 is not a cheap amount for a device which will injure parts of your body.

Avoid it if you have a big hand but if you have a relatively small hand or medium sized hand, go for it by all means as it is very useful. As for me, I would opt out for a Microsoft Mouse 5000 which uses bluetooth technology too. It serves the purpose as the pointing device is fast and accurate. Besides, I will not have problems with it being too flat.

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