Friday, 16 September 2011

Windows Phone 7 OS - Any luck this time?

Windows Phone 7 has been the talk of the town recently. It is mentioned by Microsoft that the WP 7 offers better user interface and improved connectivity than previous generation of Windows Mobile. I beg to differ.

Ever sinced Microsoft released the WP7, it was dodged with bugs which took a good few months for Microsoft to release their 'No-Do' update on the WP7. Apart from this, the updated WP7 will not allow customers to transfer files via Wi-fi, so unlike the Samsung Kies Air or the Nokia PC Suite/ Ovi Suite. Is that an improvement over WM6.5?

Arguably WP7 is faster than the WM6.5 but we need an update badly. The so-called 'Mango' WP7.5 should be released quite soon. It will boost the existing user interface twice the experience of WP7. Well, it is not a good news after all, isn't it?

Microsoft (via Steve Ballmer) that WP7 mobile phones are not selling as many as they have expected. Well, there is a reason for it - User friendliness and functionality. Both of these can't match the superiority of the Android and iOS platform. While Nokia is moving over to use Microsoft products in the near future for their high end phones, perhaps it will help Microsoft to overcome their fear of being the last in line of OS used on a mobile device.

Well, don't hold your breath yet as Nokia is still developing on their existing Symbian OS. What does the future hold for WP7?

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