Thursday, 20 October 2011

Apple Iphone 4S Feedback- Upgraded Camera, Bluetooth and Battery

After using the Iphone 4S for 6 days, I can be assured of providing an impartial report on the Iphoen 4S which I am using. Initially, I have chosen a black colour instead of the white because I find black colour is more soothing than white. I have also chosen the 64GB version because there is no availability of an external microSD card slot which will allow me to increase the phone's memory.

Feedback on the camera
I have to admit that although I am not a keen photographer, using the Iphone 4S to take 1080p videos are surprisingly good! Previsouly, I have been using the Nokia N8 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 to take HD videos. With the Nokia N8, I was able to achieve 720p at 30fps, with the Samsung Galaxy S2, it was 1080p at 30fps. With the Iphone 4S, it is able to achieve the same performance as the Samsung Galaxy S2 but with a twist.

Taking HD videos on the Nokia N8 was a breeze but since the cpu is slow, it could not coup up with the demanding videos which I have taken. Often than not, there would be certain areas in which the videos will be not in sync with the voice file at all so it was quite frustrating for me. This happens even after the upgrade of the OS to Anna which brought in continuous autofocus at 30fps.

With the Samsung Galaxy S2, taking true HD videos is good but it suffered the same problem as what I have been suffering from taking 720p videos using the Nokia N8. In order to solve the problem, I had to resort to third party software to sync the voice files with the videos. I wish I could use a smart phone which will have the capability to sync 1080p videos with the voice files properly.

I have to say that the Iphone 4S does it all. I had no problems in taking 1080p videos at 30fps and there was no lag in the videos at all once I have downloaded it onto my computer. I am so thrilled to see that Apple has managed to pull through this time! I am very happy to report that the camera on the Iphone 4S is superb! If you hate the Iphone 4S, you might be surprised with its videos and still pictures capabilities. You should try out the Iphone 4S without a shadow of a doubt. I am very happy to report that I could do away with my Samsung Galaxy S2 forever!!!

I have not much luck with the Jawbone Prime bluetooth headset so I am going to return the bluetooth after all. It was such a disappointment as Jawbone is a reputable brand. Anyway, I am now happy using a £20 LG bluetooth headset which is functioning properly. I think we should not just buy any Jawbone after all. I have no problems with any connections to the Iphoen 4S at all so the 4.0 on the 4S should be a good bet.

I think Apple should have installed a bigger capacity battery on the Iphone 4S. I am not happy with the battery performance because with Siri enabled on standby, I have to recharge the Iphone 4S after 12 hours. I have everything disabled apart from the fact that I have 3G enabled. I don't have any apps enabled in the background. The 1430mAh battery should have been upgraded to at least 1500mAh! Just think about it - Apple has underclocked the A5 cpu on the Iphone 4S to 800mhz. If they were to let it run on its full capacity of 1Ghz, it will be a disaster!!!

I am still waiting for the iOS 5.0.2 firmware update from Apple. It seems that they have either forgot about it or they are looking at releasing the iOS 5.1 instead. Either way, I am just disappointed with Apple now. At this moment, I have disabled all location services except for GPS and I am not running any application on standby except for Skype. Even so, I have to recharge twice in a day (Could you believe it?) I hope that Apple will be kind enough to present its Iphone users with a Christmas present by releasing the updated firmware.


Sarah Thompson said...

I'm a big fan of the iPhone 4S camera. Some of the photography apps are fun. The accessories you can get for it are amazing too. The Olloclip is pretty ace. Worth checking out anyway.

ぜるもう said...

Dear Sarah,

Many thanks for your tip! I will try the application. At this moment, I am without my Iphone 4S and using a Nokia N8 instead. What a drag!!!