Thursday, 29 December 2011

In Love with Nokia...(Again)

After a brief disappearance, I am back with Nokia again! This time, I am using the good old Nokia N8 which I have managed to update its firmware to Anna. I know that I could try updating the N8 to Belle but I think I will wait for February 2012 before doing so. After all, it is only two months away so it is not a problem for me.

The more pressing issue is with Nokia's ability to maintain its lead as the leader of smartphones in the world. Unfortunately, Samsung is fighting back hard and fast so I hope that Nokia will be able to ship its mobile phone not only in quantity but also in good quality. We need more up to date hardware coming from the Finnish company. After all, they used to be the market leader so it will be a shame if they lose the market share to other companies.

I think Nokia should reinvest their mobile devices. Take a good example at Samsung. They have managed to capitalise on their own dual core CPU design and produced many worthy mobile phones e.g. Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Y and The Galaxy X. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most sort out mobile phone (non Iphone category).

The question is whether Nokia can rise up to the challenge. Their foray into the Meego infrastructure is a good start but they seemed to have halt the development of such firmware on future mobile devices. Nokia seems to have just places the Nokia N9 and the Nokia n950 on Meego 1.2. The rest of the high end phone will still be getting the Windows Phone OS.

Personally, I don't quite understand Windows Phone 7.5 and I will not be able to understand why would Microsoft not providing the necessary support for an external memory stick. That is why you can never find an external memory card slot for any Windows Phone devices.

I like Nokia Drive on the Lumia 800. Perhaps it is the only selling factor for Nokia at the moment so what to do?


Joshua Lopez said...

In Love with Nokia again? I feel the same way too. How i wish they improve on their quality especially the body & keypad. Additional Features! Give us MORE NOKIA!!!

ぜるもう said...

Joshua, I have just made a purchase for a Nokia N8. I still can't let go of Nokia as I feel that it is within my blood to use Nokia again. I hope that Nokia will improve on their devices. It is unfortunate that Nokia is using Windows Phone 7 which does not support external memory card. What a shame. The Nokia N8 is doing fine. I am just waiting for Nokia Belle next month for the Nokia N8.

Joshua Lopez said...

What Nokia would you recommend for whatsap & free text messaging services?

ぜるもう said...

Dear Joshua,

At this moment, it seems like the Lumia 800 is a wise choice but according to a source <a href=">here</a>, it seems like waiting for the Lumia 900 or the successor to the Lumia 800 is a wise choice.

However, I am not a big fan of Windows Phone so I'm sticking with the N8. I know that it has a slow processor (680mhz, single core ARM v7) and a rather small 256MB RAM, it does not really matter as the Anna OS works superbly on the N8. Nevertheless, the upgraded firmware has provided new functions to the N8 e.g. continuous autofocus while shooting a 720p movie and better UI experience. I think the N8 will live on for a few more years. Besides, Microsoft has not enable the support for any external memory card so I would stay away from Windows Phone for the moment.

I need more storage. With the N8, I can use a 32GB class 10 microSD card which will give me a total of 48GB of space. It is just nice for taking videos at high resolution.

Besides, the N8 comes with a superb 12MP Carl Zeiss optics with panorama lens. It is just perfect! I wish the N8's battery is 1500mAh but it is fine as I can live with it on two days standby on 3G coverage. I am sad to see that the Iphone 4S' signal quality could not come close to the N8.

The N8 is still superior when it comes to battery life and signal quality. Besides, the N8 will receive an update to Nokia Belle next month and I just could not wait for it!