Thursday, 9 August 2012

Alternative(s) to Microsoft Office 2010

If you are wondering whether Microsoft is the leading figure in selling Office Suites, you will be correct to believe that it is. In fact, many people including big corporations are using Office 2010 (for PC) and Office 2011 (for Macs) without a shadow of doubt.

One could not point a finger towards Microsoft of selling too many Office Suites and anti- competition because Microsoft will most probably rebut the allegation by stating that their product is simply much better than the competitors, hence the large volume of sales.

If one noticed, Microsoft will always bundle Microsoft Office Starters in every new PC sold, hoping that the new user will ditch the starter edition and pay a sum of money to upgrade to the full version instead. This sum of money will not be a problem if one is working in a company as Microsoft will always accommodate for VLK licensing.

However, it will be a burden to an individual for paying around £80-£100 for a full Office Suite. Luckily, Microsoft has provided discounts for students and educationalists with a different price plan if they want to buy the full version of the Office Suite. Having said that, it is still expensive for a non-student or anyone who has someone else to pay for the full Office Suites.

Perhaps it will be a good time to introduce a few alternatives to Microsoft's Office Suites.

If you think that you may want to save some money in buying Microsoft products, you could actually try StarOffice and LibraOffice as Opposed to Microsoft Office 2010/2011. Apart from that, one could also try a programme called WPS which has no affiliates with Word Perfect.

Personally, I have no objections in using any alternative products to Microsoft's Office Suites (MOS) but they are not as polished as the MOS. nonetheless, it is still a good try as it covers the basic functions of a word processor and spreadsheet including PowerPoint.

Why not give them a try?

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