Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Energy Price Increase

I am quite worried that many people including me will be struggling with the price increase of electricity and gas during this coming winter. In fact, Scottish and Southern Energy has planned to increase their energy prices in October 2012 does not help the people in general!

From my point of view, I see that energy companies will be just too quick to increase prices while a reduction in prices which will benefit consumers usually take a longer period to implement. I wonder if anyone will agree with me. Moreover, I am just not too sure about the so-called "savings" that every energy companies introduce.

While I am not happy with Scottish and Southern Energy increasing their fuel prices, it will not stop other companies to follow suit. Naturally it will increase consumer's energy bill in general. The question here to ask is whether the government has done enough to protect the people especially the elderly and the poor from rationing heating during winter. This question has yet to be answered.

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