Friday, 28 September 2012

Iphone 5 - It's a Love Hate Relationship

If you noticed, there are still a long queue inside an Apple store waiting in turn to purchase an Iphone 5 especially the Apple store along Regent Street, London. I wonder why would people want to line up to buy it when they could actually make a purchase online via Carphonewarehouse? I simply don't understand them. Moreover, it was pretty funny to see those people who camped outside an Apple store for a few days just to be one of the first few "lucky people" to get their hands on the iphone 5.

Jokes aside, the iphone 5 is a serious telecommunication kit as compared to the iphone 4s. While I am not going to bore you with the specifications of the iphone 5 which you could have a look here; My intention of posting this article is to provide readers with an unbiased review of the iphone 5. Please bear in mind that there is no hard and fast rule of whether one should get the iphone 5 or not. What is important here is whether one needs it or not.

Once you have part away with a substantial amount of cash (£529 for the 16GB, £599 for the 32GB and £699 for the 64GB version) in an Apple store, the next thing to do is to remove the iphone 5 from its box. I have to commend about the design of the box to be slightly longer to accomodate the 4" screen as the design is slightly different as compared to the iphone 4s because you will get a black box if you have made a purchase for a black iphone 5 and you will get a white box if you have made a purchase for a white iphone 5. This is different from its predecessor because irrespective of whether you have purchased a black or white iphone 4s, you will be getting a white box.

Once you have removed the iphone 5 from its box, you will noticed that the iphone 5 is really elegant and looks more solid than the iphone 4s apart from the sheer weight loss from the iphone 4s. Apart from that, the chasis is also slimmer to the iphone 4s. I find the iphone 5 to fit a man with an average sized palm or even slightly larger palm. This is where the Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGS3) should take note. The SGS3 is just too big for one hand operation where else a user can still operate the iphone 5 with one hand. However, I wish the chasis of the iphone 5 should remain the same as before but with a 2000Mhz battery instead of utilising a battery around the 1400Mhz capacity. This is because the iphone 5 would have to be recharged everyday and it is so troublesome. I wish Apple will follow Motorola's footsteps in producing a 3300Mhz capacity battery.

Once you have started using the iphone 5, you will never feel as if it is the first time you are using the device. This is because its design and functions of the iOS 6 is quite similar to the iOS 5 so you will not have any problems if you are upgrading from the iphone 3Gs/4/4s to the iphone 5. Besides that, you will feel that the response from tilting the screen to opening a few apps is much smoother than the iphone 4s. The upgraded 1.3MP front camera is also useful particularly when one could make facetime over 3G now. Previously one could only do so with wi-fi connection.

If you ask me whether the iphone 5 is worth the price, I would have to reply with a loud "yes". This is because the iphone 5 sets out a new benchmark as an ultimate smartphone although it lacks NFC. I am pretty certain that Apple might consider including an NFC chip on its future release of the iphone 5. At least they have included an LTE chip which will only work on Everything Everywhere and 3 in the UK at the moment. I'm not too sure if the A1429 iphone 5 will support both O2 and Vodafone as they intend to roll out LTE on the 2600Mhz which is not supported by the A1429 iphone 5. However, that is where the Nokia Lumia 920 will shine. It supports LTE across five bands!!! This is just marvellous!

If there is a flaw in the iphone 5, it would got to be the new lightning connector. I find it quite useless as compared to the old 30 pin connector. I guess Apple is trying to save space, hence the need to redesign the charging port on the iphone 5. Apart from that, there were reports from users that the back plate of the iphone 5 is easily scratched but the iphone 5 is tough as a whole as compared to the iphone 4s. Well, there is a cure to scratches and bumps - Just get yourself a good case protecter and ZaggInvisible Shield cover for the Gorilla Glass infront.

In the end, the iphone 5 is worth every penny. Besides, the value of the iphone 5 would most probably hold much better than other smartphones in the market so why not give it a try?

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