Tuesday, 2 October 2012

iphone 5 with Purple Effect

I am beginning to wonder if Apple will ever admit that they have a problem with anything at all. Remember the Antennagate issue on the iphone 4? Initially the late Steve Jobs said that users are holding it the wrong way. That led to many other mobile phone manufacturers poking fun at Apple. In the end, Apple gave away freebies to counter the Antennagate issue.

Fast forward two years after the launch of the iphone 4, we have the purple tint effect on some of the pictures when taken under direct sunlight. Sources have mentioned that such problem existed on the iphone 3G but it was fixed after Apple has released a later firmware to address the problem. Questions remained as to whether Apple will release a later firmware to address the same problem again.

The latest news from Apple is that they denied that such effect was the cause of any hardware or software problem on the iphone 5. There is a simple solution to the purple tint effect is to hold it the right way.  Well, do you think that it sounds so similar to the Antennagate issue? I think so.

In fact, I am having a problem with the purple tint effect too so I would seriously hope that Apple will admit that that have made some progress in ensuring that the purple tint will disappear with a later firmware fix. How hard is that to Apple to admit that they need to address the problem then?


02/02/2013 - It seems that the purple effect is less visible with the iOS 6.1 update. Keep it up, Apple!


Joseph wills said...

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ぜるもう said...

Dear Joseph,

Many thanks for your input! Much appreciated!