Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Vodafone 4G Review

I have been longing for a good signal in my area particularly when no mobile network in the UK could provide me with a decent 3G signal. Typically I will only have five bar 2G on Vodafone which is not good at all. I then complaint to Vodafone customer service and they said that there is not much thing they could do to improve the signal at my area although it is mentioned that I should have a good 3G in my area.

Since the announcement of 4G by Vodafone, I have been asking Vodafone customer service as to whether there would be a good 4G signal in my area and they said that I will have a very good 4G signal in my area. I took their advice and purchased a 4G enabled mobile phone which will support Vodafone's 4G.

I have to make it clear that while Vodafone's 3G signal is weak, their 4G signal is very strong. In fact, I have 3 bars out of 5 bars of 4G on my mobile phone. Coupled with the fact that I am on Vodafone, I have 3 months of unlimited data to use and then followed by 12GB of data every month until my contract runs out in 12 months time.

I think it is much safer to chat with a Vodafone customer service advisor online before visiting a store. I think their customer service needs improvement. I think they should learn some tricks from 3UK. I had a long history with Vodafone where I had to call them a few times to do a simple thing which would have taken 3 minutes to do in the first place.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with the performance of the 4G. I could download apps up to 44Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. I think that is impressive. Keep it up, Vodafone.


17/05/2014 - It seems that the 4G signal at my area is not funtioning properly for the last few days. Vodafone seems to have not heard about the problem before and they have promised to investigate. As for me, I am stucked with a one bar 3G or 4 bars of 2G service. Pathetic...

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