Monday, 12 May 2014

Dell's Delivery System

I am not sure how am I going to start writing about Dell's delivery system but surely I will lend a hand in adding another negative score to Dell's delivery system.This is because I am quite upset when I was being informed that my order will arrive on a particular date but later found out that it has yet to leave China!

The entire problem started when I've tried to order a Dell XPS 15 (9530) machine via the telephone on 29 April 2014. I ordered via the telephone because I would like to speak to someone on the phone. Evetually I have managed to secure an order (By the way, it is a standard order without any customisation) and I was being sent an invoice.

The date on the invoice has suggested that the Estimated Time Arrival will be on 23 May 2014. I am puzzled as to the massive time taken by Dell to deliver the order. When I've tried to question the delivery date, I was being informed that this is the latest in which my order will arrive.

I then received another invoice (by the way, it is the same as the first invoice) from the same sale representative two days later. In that e-mail, I was given a link which will direct me to a website where I could track my order in real time.

When I did try to click on the link, the link brought me to a currier called WalshWestern. I then looked at the Estimated Time of Arrival on the website and it has suggested that I will most probably receive the order by 12 May 2014. I was really impressed taking into account that the order was shipped on 5 May 2014. However, I was taken a back seat when I realised that there was no movement from the website apart from the fact that the order has left the factory on 5 May 2014 even though it is 11 May 2014.

Quickly I gave Dell a call and I was being asked to call WalshWestern (The Dell Representative gave me a 0871 number but it does not work. I had to use to find the right telephone number to call.). Apparently the company is based in Ireland and the kind woman on the other hand was really honest with me. She said that they have yet to receive the order from China. When I've tried to ask her why did it take so long to arrive, I was told that the company have to take into account public holidays. Well, the truth is that there is no public holiday in China as of now so I have no idea what was she trying to tell me. Perhaps she was referring to public holidays in the UK. Anyway, I have being told that the order will most probably arrived at their facility on this coming Thursday and I will receive it the next day which is on a Friday.

At this moment, I don't really understand the logic in Dell tryhing to deliver goods to its customers. It seems that Dell has out-sourced their delivery of goods sold to Walsh Western who act as an agent. Dell does not have any total control over their delivery system anymore. I am really sad right now because Dell have not gained more customer by out-sourcing their delivery system to other companies. This is because it is illogical when it takes more than two weeks after the goods have been shipped to arrive at the doorstep of the customer. It is simply unimaginable.

Dell, you need to improve on your delivery system or else people will just buy another brand especially Apple! You need to value your customers!

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