Sunday, 13 September 2015

Ofcom Mobile Report

I would like to refer readers to this link where Ofcom made a report about mobile networks in the UK. Among the mobile networks, apparently 3UK is the most reliable mobile network in the country.

I beg to differ. I do have my reasons.

I have been a 3UK customer since its inception. Back then, the network coverage was poor. What 3UK did was to form an alliance with O2 UK to provide 2G coverage to areas which they do not have any signal. When the partnership ended, they formed an alliance with Orange UK to provide such service. Later, in 2010, they have started to switched off 2G support, believing that they have sufficient 3G coverage to service the people in the country. The backlash from switching off 2G coverage received some bad press.

However, I am quite adamant that 3UK have not really switched off 2G coverage completely. This is because I have managed to connect a modern smart phone to EE. The problem with roaming onto EE's network is that you can't use its data but only voice service. Readers would have to take note that some smartphones do not allow 3UK users to change its network service to 2G. Otherwise there will be no service on the handset.

While I am happy that 3UK have been upgrading their network coverage in the UK, I am more concerned with the purchased of O2UK, both in Ireland as well as in the UK. Does it mean that 3UK is trying to amalgamate their resources, thus leaving on EE and Vodafone to fend for themselves?

Apart from that, I do feel that there are many times when I am able to see full bar on my mobile phone with H+ (HSDPA speed) but I can't log on to websites. Apart from that, I do experience drop calls despite the full bar showing on my mobile phone. Please bear in mind that I have used many mobile phones to test before making a call to 3UK's customer service.

Besides the above, 3UK has now beginning to increase their monthly tariff significantly. They have also killed off certain Pay As You Go add-ons.

What is the end for customers?


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