Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Dissatisfied Employee

I hate when things do not go right. Okay, yes, I have made a mistake. So what? What is so big deal about it then? Can't people just take it as it is without blowing something out of proportion? I don't get it anyway. It is just soemthing which I think I need to just shut my mouth about it. For this time, I think I should just remain silent. After all, they don't like me to open my mouth. If that is the case, why not I just shut my mouth instead, right?

I don't understand why they are so hard on me. Oh, this and that...They are making things so difficult for people to stay on. For one instance, if a person were to make the same mistake again, so? Humans are not perfect. Why can't they accept the fact that I am inexperience? Some how I think they just need to cool down. They need to take things one at a time, don't they? I mean I am learning day by day. Sometimes, it does not take once or twice or three times before things can be made correctly. Can't they just take it?

I am not a quitter. I will suvive. I will stay on... I will not allow people to look down on me.

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