Monday, 30 April 2007

My God! Cigarette and liquor Tax in Malaysia = 276%?

After reading though an article on The Star Online, it comes to me that the tax for cigarettes and liquor amounts to 276%! That is really expensive! How could the governemnt do that? I think it is a way to deter people from cultivating the habit of drinking and also to smoke. That is one of the governemnt's plan to get rich!

Well, lets face it. It is easier for the government to impose a higher tax on the above two products because that is something which people would like to consume and willing to pay for it. One good example will be cigarettes. Many people still continue buying cigarettes even though knowingly that the tax on cigarettes are increasing. When it means is that it will also increase on the price of the product too.

Oh no...That is pretty bad...


Anonymous said...

These goods that fall under 'Haram' under Islam is also known as 'Sin Tax'. Hence the taxes for such goods are spiraling all the time, at times it goes up even without Public Knowledge. The truth is many Muslim do consume alcohol, it's a known fact.

ぜるもう said...

I could not comment into whether muslim do comsume alcohol as it is quite a sensitive issue here. If they do, it is a sin which they should not have done. Shame on them!!!