Sunday, 22 April 2007


For the past one week, I have been quite sad due to the fact that a friend of mine is not in the best of mood because two of his friends were involved in a nasty road accident back in Malaysia which involves a Ford Fiesta which his friends were driving and also a lorry. The lorry driver was not hurt but not for his two friends.

The accident splashed across the national newspaper. One of the reaons is because the passenger of the car is a well known actress in Malaysia. Oh, there goes celebrity magazine again, trying all ways to get some juicy stories.

Until now, all I can tell is that both the driver and the passenger is in stable condition but they will require a period of three weeks to one month before they can actually get back on their feet again. Poor thing!

I pray and hope that the both of them will be alright and for my friend... I hope that he will be more cheerful then... God bless!!!


Anonymous said...

Their Car was a new Chervolet Aveo. You got the Car brand wrong. Anyway, this accident is a shame on the Malaysian Highway Management of Seremban (Plus) & The Ministry of Transport. We in Malaysia pay a ever increasing cost for Tolls on Highways, so why can't they give us First Class Security Features such as Proper Lights, or reflective lights, Proper Signs & Warning Signs? They were driving at 5.30AM on the Highway, it was completely Darkness, as Dark as the Ocean at Night! Wouldn't this encourage a nasty accident to happen?! Shame on You Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Works & Plus Management of MALAYSIA!

ぜるもう said...

My deepest sadness to them. Anyway, hopefully that they will recover as soon as possible...