Tuesday, 3 April 2007


I was quite sad as I was told that there will be a pesonal performance target for each and every staff working in my place. Oh no, I do not understand why this is happening. I mean we are doing our best but is that good enough? Do you mean to say that what we are doing right now would not be sufficient to make enough money for the branch to sustain any sort of potential problems? That is crap man!

I can understand where is this going to be. They are more focusing on sales and nothing else. What is this man. We are meant to provide excellent service and not to push for hard sales! Is this not what we are against? I mean we are an ethical organisation and is this ethical at all? We do not push for hard sales! Don't you think so? I don't agree with the idea that everyone is not working at their best if they could not meet their target. It is like telling a person that there is a target for him or for her and if it is not met, it shows that they are not doing their work. Nonsense! Do you all agree with me?

I do think that if a person could not meet the target, it does not mean that he or she is not good. Oh, if the target has not been met, no bonus for you. Oh, that is why we have banks like Barclays who would undoubtly misuse of customer's funds to their advantage in making sure that they will meet the target and get their bonuses. Do you think that it is ethical? I don't think so. That is rediculous!

Oh yes, one more thing. If there is a target, it should be a realistic target.

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