Saturday, 28 April 2007


I had a meeting with my boss yesterday. She was saying that I am not willing to mix with other staff. I don't know about them and I am always to myself. I could not create a comfortable atmosphere at work.

I was wondering why she is saying that because I think that I am always the person who is really serious in getting on with my work. I don't really care much about other people's life. I am not the type who always gossip about each and every single person. Oh, please this is a place of work and not a place of gossip. Tell me, am I correct in saying this?

From our conversation, I understand why is she behaving in such a way. I got to know one of the reasons why is she having that sort of attitute. She is trying to put something across to me. She is trying to say that she has gone through that road and it is just normal to do so. Oh...really....

I don't really understand why is she doing this to me. Oh well...I know that she is constantly under pressure. A person who is always under pressure is not the best person to talk to. Oh well... What to do? Should I leave the job? I do have an interview next week for the same job in another financial institution. Any ideas?

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