Thursday, 3 May 2007

I could not believe it!!!

Do you know what? I think my manager is quite disappointed with me for the fact that I am not pouring out my heart's content to her but to one of my colleagues who is actually in her fifties! I could not believe what have I heard from her!

I was in a meeting with her for my appraisal last week and it seems that she is unhappy for the fact that I do not always go to her for help. That was really untrue. I do go to her when I needed help. The problem is that she is not always free for me to ask her for help! Can you see the problem? I wonder why is she asking me to go to her more often.

I think there is a communication break down between the both of us. I do not always want to disturb her because she is really busy so I would like to solve the problem myself. Until and unless I cannot solve the problem myself, then I will go to her. She is saying that solving problem is one thing. The most important thing is that I am not opening my thoughts to her! Oh well... What can you say about that?

Would she means that I would have to inform her of what have I been doing for the day and also for the week? That is my personal life! I do have the right not to say such things to a manager. I had had enough because if I were to get close to someone who is rank higher up than me, they will surely bring me down.

Maybe she is rather curious why am I calling my colleague who is aged 53 years old and not a manager who is around two times younger than my colleague? The reason is because I feel comfortable in doing so. That is why. Don't tell me that my manager is jealous that I am in good communication with my colleague rather than her...

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