Thursday, 3 May 2007

Oh yes! Finally... It is the Finale!!!

I was rather surprised to see a new girl working in our branch. In fact, I was told that she will be replacing the current person in due time when she goes off for labour in June 2007. I am quite happy that Nationwide has decided to take onboard a person other than anyone in the current branch. Oh yes! I feel good.

The new girl looks hardworking and it is that sort of person whom you would want to work with. I think I will have a pleasant time working with her. In fact, I think that the branch will be so much better if she is really going to become the next CSM. It will be good.

Oh... I can see the look in one of my colleague's eyes. He was furious because he was not selected to replace the current CSM when she leaves. I think it is a good thing that he was not selected. He always think that he is the best person to do any job. He looks down on me. The best part is that he thinks that he can do the job! Luckily they did not take him onboard. I think he should just do what he is good at. He has zero in good personal relationship with his colleagues. Absolutely crap! We will have to see about the result in the future. We will be looking!

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