Saturday, 26 April 2008

AMD taking a Nose Dive

Recently, as you all have know, AMD is having cash flow problem. They have made ten percent of its total work force redundant; cutting cost on creating new processors and trying to win over Intel in its CPU war.

We know that it has been the case where by AMD is the alternative CPU to Intel. Intel is trying to monopolise in the CPU market. In fact, most of the CPU sold in the market is using Intel anyway - efficient, fast and less power consumption. It is different from AMD because right now, they are just coming out of their CPU design fault (the well known TLB bug in their old Phenom 9000 series x4). No matter how much they have improved (now using newer stepping - B3 which has solved the TLB fault), they are not in favour of the current market.

No doubt that there are people who supports AMD because they don't like Intel to monopolise the market but think about it then. You are actually buying a product which is not as good as Intel but for a cheaper price. The question to ask is whether buying the product is justifiable. To me, I believe in efficiency of the CPU hence I will stick to Intel. I have always been using Intel until they took a blunder with their Netbust architecture which was wasting too much electricity. That was when I switched over to AMD with AMD64 CPU. It ran well for some time but now I am with Intel again. This time, it is the quadcore Q6600.

According to Tomshardware, 'Puma' platform which is the mobile chipset, an answer to desktop 780 chipset, is rolling out soon. Reliable sources said that the platform and the CPU is not going to beat an Intel Core 2 Duo. Oh my God... This is terrible. How is AMD going to beat Intel then? I would love to switch over to AMD because I quite like he Hypertransport 3.0 but AMD is not rolling out their CPU fast enough and good enough. Intel is taking the lead and I foresee that in the coming two years, I will still stick with Intel unless AMD makes a change...For the better...

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