Monday, 28 April 2008


I read an article which was sent to me recently regarding the achivements of Advanced Tertiary College or ATC as people in the Kuala Lumpur would see it to be. After all, the existence of the college has been a success as the time goes by. I do remember when ATC was formed back in the 1980s. It was manned by a handful of people under a well known lecturer whom later, resigned from his post and sold his shares of ATC. After he left ATC, he formed Nirvana College and it is still providing services to students and it is still doing good. After all, the principal is a darn good lecturer. He can easily persuade other people to do what he asked for. He has an excellent PR skill.

Coming back to ATC, Dr Danny Choong stepped in to take over from the current principal of Nirvana. I have high hopes in Dr Danny Choong because I believe in him. No doubt that he never come across as my lecturer but he did come in to speak to the class. I love his lectures and I do enjoy each and every single bit of it. He is a darn good lecturer in the Law of Trusts. I can also remember Mr. Reuban and his wife. I liked the English Legal System lecuters by Reuban. Oh, I was enjoying his lectuers very much.

Well, ATC was recently rated the best Institute for studying the external LLB programme by University of London. I don't have any doubt in that statement because I have utmost confidence that ATC is the best college if you want to study external LLB UOL programme. For starters, the lecturers are warm and friendly; their are good in their work and they are also dedicated to serve their students. The library is quite small as compared to some of those universities which I have studied but nevertheless, it is sufficient. I still don't understand why students are not allowed to borrow books home from the library. Oh well, I am not sure whether there is a change in the library system now. After all, it has been quite a while since I had the opportunity to pay a visit to ATC.

Well, ATC has the qualities to bring its students to its best. What you need is dedication and hard work. That is all. I enjoyed my times in ATC but it brings me back good and bad memories. Oh, I can still laugh about it right now. Hahahaha.


Joshua said...

Oh Memories... I can say a lot to about this place, sweet and bitter memories but really, my constructive opinion about ATC's betterment would be for them to see to the high failure rate and to obtain at least two alternative Universities instead of just sticking to UOL. Students here end up repeating year after year, some have been there for 10 years of more and still repeating.

UOL's system of education is really outdated, it doesn't provide an holistic approach to Legal Studies. It's just all about memorization & vomitting. To me that's not holistic education, it's just Robotic and you end up being a Zombie!

ぜるもう said...

Well, if you are thinking of saving money, I think ATC is the perfect place to study law, right?