Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hurray! Skype on Mobile Phones!!!

I am so delighted to inform you all that from now on, you can actually use skype on your mobile to make not only skype out calls, but also chat with other people who has skype. What you need to do is to go to skype.com or if you are using your mobile phone, just get on to skype.com/m and you will be able to download the software to your phone.

I have tried using my Nokia E90 which I have received yesterday to download skype on (beta). Using Wifi, I managed to chat with my friends for free and use skype out credits to call my friends. However, if you are thinking of using skype out service, you would have to bear in mind that you need to have inclusive minutes on top of the wifi service. This is because if you do not have inclusive minutes while using wifi, you will be charged for calling a local number (skype out have to call a local number before connecting to other numbers). Make sure you have sufficient inclusive minutes if you want to use skype out. If you are just thinking of chatting, using wifi will be sufficient ( I think because I do not get charged for chatting).

Skype is a wonderful tool. Even though skype can be installed on selective mobile phones, it does not hurt if you try on your mobile phones. What you need to know is that it is important to install the correct version for your mobile phone. I did install skype for N95 on my E90 and it works beautifully. Just try, ok? One thing I need to inform you that if you are not using wifi, you need to have a large data plan. Otherwise, you will be charged by your network by the minutes! You have been warned!

On a separate issue, I have received my replacement handset from O2. They have returned the manual, the cable, other E90 related documents and also the charger to me but did not return the box to me which I don't understand why. However, the replacement handset is actually a brand new unit ( I think they have changed the pcb) and I quite like it. Later, I managed to update via Nokia Software Update to version 200.34.73 dated 25 March 2008! That is wonderful!!! I love it!

I have not tried installing the GPS software yet but the menu seems to be so much quicker! That is wonderful compared to version The system is stable and I am just waiting for an 8GB microSD card which I have ordered. I don't know when would I be able to received it but I will be waiting!!! Just think of what 8GB can help you...


Joshua said...

Why do you share you discovery? It's your discovery. If i was you, i would keep it a secret. It's your Intelligence.

ぜるもう said...

It does not really matter joshua because we should share in life. If not, how are people going to share their findings then? This is a good piece of software. Just get it!

Joshua said...

Ok Tailo, I just felt that it was your finding and should be kept a secret but since you like to share, it's Good then.