Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Problems with Nokia E90

I have been having some teething problems with my Nokia E90. Well, first of all, I could not upgrade my phone's firmware. Right now it is running on version 7.40 but I was told that Nokia has released a version 200 firmware for the Nokia E90. Right, I have tried using Nokia Software update but I do not have any luck in it. Anyway, to cut the story short, I went away for a few days and did not use my Nokia E90. There are many good things about the E90. First of all, the A-GPS on the phone is excellent. Certainly it is so much better than my Nokia N95 8GB previously because it was taking ages for a single lock on the satellite. However, the E90 took less than 20 seconds for it to take a good lock and proceed with the destination. I am quite impressed by the service.

I am also impressed with the fact that the phone is quite heavy duty. I really like the fact that the microSD slot is located at the corner so I can easily remove the card without touching the battery cover and the battery itself. It is simply wonderful.

The battery life on the E90 is also impressive. The battery lasted three days with normal usage and mp3s and also with FM radio on. Mind you, I do use Video calling for about 30 minutes each day and it is giving me three days of standby power. I am pretty impressed with it. Compared to my N95 8GB, I think the battery would have been flat out after one day!

Anyway, the phone is now dead. I have tried to update my phone's firmware and then it did not reboot. I have tried to use hard reset on the phone but nothing comes up on the menu. Luckily, I do have insurance and it helped me. I will be getting a new handset soon. Oh dear... I would have to go through the whole process of installing GPS, Document-to-go and other software applications too. What a hassle!!!

I called O2 and guess what they have said? They said that the E90 is out of stock!!! What is this then? How long would I need to wait then?


24/04/2008: It was confirmed that O2 has received new stock for the Nokia E90 and they will be sending a new handset out to me as soon as they can. They also apologies for sending me a cover letter stating that my phone is sent for a repair. Oh well, we will see about it then when the phone arrives.

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