Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Scrapping 10p Income Tax Band

Remember Gordan Brown's speech last year where he said that he will decrease 2p from 22p per pound to 20p per pound for personal income tax which starts from April 2008? It was a joy sheer for many but he also said that there will be no concession for the first two thousand pounds. This would mean that 10p for the first two thousand pounds will be abolished and people will be taxed 20p per pound across the board. It was devastation.

It is quite disappointing because there are many people who will be worst off with the scrapping the 10p band. It is bad and the latest update is that PM Gordan Brown will be coming up with tax relief for those people who are affected. That is bad news! We will have to see about it then.


Joshua said...

This Move is only going to contribute to the Political Momentum & Popularity of the Tories. This is Sad but i believe many would now swing to the Tories. And off course Cameron is using this in seeking momentum.

ぜるもう said...

PM Gordan Brown did not forsee that with the scrapping of the 10p band, it will cause a lot of pain to people especially those people who are part time workers, single person with no children and also those people who has retired. Right now, there is a U-turn where by the government will provide funds to support those people who has been affected by the new income tax but they are going to help single parents with children or retiree only. Part time workers and full time workers without children are still affected. The new income tax band is only going to benefit those people who earns more than £20k a year.