Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Windows XP rules!!!

Leaving Mac OS and Linux a side, we are talking about a serious matter here. yes, it is about Windows XP. We all know that Microsoft has extended support for the never-say-die- Windows XP until June 30, 2008 but what now? most of the major pc exporters are saying that they are going to continue selling PCs and Laptops with the option to use Windows XP!

I am really glad that some people are still selling machines wth Windows XP. I love the OS because it is so much stable compared to Windows Vista. However, with the availability of SP1 for Vista, much can be said about the stability of the new OS. Personally, I have tried Windows Vista for a year and I have even got the Sp1 before it was released officially. The only thing which I find it useful for updating Vista to SP1 is that the system will read your system memory correctly if you have more than 3GB installed in your system.

I do have 4GB of memory installed in my system and the 32 bit Vista Home Premium could not read 4GB but only 3GB. Only after upgrading to Sp1, the OS could finally read all 4GB of them. Good, isn't it? Well, if you have 8GB installed in your system, I don't think you need to have 64bit Vista to read all 8GB of them. Just update your 32bit Vista and Vista will be able to read all 8GB of them. Trust me in this.

Vista is quite alright as I have the ability to install it on a Pentium M notebook. The Vista experience is basically low at 2.0 but nonetheless, it works perfectly without any problems! The funny thing is that I can use Aero on the Pentium M notebook! The best part is that the notebook is not even Vista ready!!! Hahahahaha.

Anyway, I still feel that Windows XP is good enough. Well, I am running it on a Q6600 machine fitted with 4GB of system memory. No doubt that it cannot show more than 3GB on the system properties, I know that it is alright because my system is perfectly fine! All my programmes and games worked fine. I do not have any issues with it. There is a good saying: if ain't broke, don't fix it.

Windows XP rules!!!

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