Friday, 16 May 2008

10A1s Student

I was really shocked to see on The Star Online that the PSD have rejected a 10A1s student from obtaining a full scholarship. I just don't understand because it is rediculous! She is so up to the scholarship. What is the matter with PSD then? I am speechless and I just do not know what is the requirement for students to obtain a full scholarship from PSD. Good connections perhaps? Please look here and think about it.


Joshua said...

Well, it's Malaysia you are talking about, what's so surprising? It's been this way for donkey's years.

Anyway, i feel that's just complete MADNEDD to have more than 6 subjects for form Five exams. It's not productive at all and it's just baseless. We are producing nothing but robots who just vomit at exams. This is NOT Holistic Education. It should END.

ぜるもう said...

I think someone is missing something over here because for anyone who can achieve 10A1s, he or she should be able to get a scholarship automatically!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right Petemitchell but i would agree with Joshua that having more than 6 subjects is indeed complete Madness!

In no way does the current education system in Malaysia prepare students for University and future undertakings.

The current education system is rotten and out dated!

Anonymous said...

Well, they need to strick a blance to avoid "Sensitivity". They have just send a Malaysian Chinese Guy to Harvard! Yes, as Joshua said, this is Malaysia you are talking about. And what makes you so sure that having 10A1s means that the students has what it takes?? Is this your benchmark? Then you are just going to produce zombies!

ぜるもう said...

Well, sometimes it is really good to see students coming out with straight As. I do admire such people. I have longed to have straight As but it is just too much for me. I have to say that I am quite comfortable without the straight As. Hum... It makes me wonder whether straight As student will be able to satisfy their needs in the future. Anyway, being a student is the best because what you only need is to study and do norhing. With straight As, employers will be more eager to look forward to employing someone. Obviously, the more pressing question would be whether the candidate is suitable for the particular job. The employer would have to look into the experience that the candidate has and also his or her personality. It is true what you are saying...:)