Sunday, 11 May 2008


I have heard about many stories surrounding Gordan Brown these days. What do you expect? He is in the middle of a crisis which might see that he will go down in history as one of the baddest Labour leader of all time. Why? Many people does not like the way how he works. I think people are comparing him with his predecessor, Tony Blair which, I think, it is highly inaccurate or unfair.

It is true that Tony Blair was one of the best Labour leader of all time. He is a barrister, a QC and also UK's former prime minister. He was a great leader of all time. I do admire him a lot although we do understand that there were many things which peoples dislike about him. Nevertheless, it is all in the past and not until recently that people are starting to talk about Gordan Brown when he was the Chancellor before he took office at No. 10 Downing Street as a prime minister.

If you were to read the current newspaper, you will find that there were reports that in Cherie Blair's Memoirs, she said that both Tony Blair is advising Gordan Brown in running of No.10 Downing Street. I think it is just right for Blair to help Gordan because he has hands on operation at No.10 Downing Street before. Besides, both figures know each other for a long time and they worked together for 10 years before Tony Blair resigned. I felt quite sad when Tony Blair resigned because he was certainly at his peak when he resigned.

Oh yes, we could not deny the many scandals surrounding the Labour party these days. From cash for honours to failed Economic policies including the U-turn of scrapping the 10p income tax band. Oh well, what can you expect for more? Just look at Lord Levy. He claims that Gordan Brown knew about the donations from wealthy people which Gordan Brown denied totally. Who can we trust? Can we trust Gordan Brown? His rating is going on a nose dive recently and Labour's rating is also nose diving. I am not surprised about it but what can we do? Should Gordan Brown leave No.10 Downing Street? If he does, who is going to take over from him then? Who is capable of running No.10 Downing Street from Labour?

Should we appoint David Cameron instead? A young Conservative leader who is under fire from the education minister for snubbing schools around the place where he is staying to put his daughter to school in a posh private school. Oh, Gordan Brown was better in this area because he did not follow David Cameron. One up for Gordan Brown!

I have no idea of what is going to happen. Certainly Labour is under fire for many things but I do support the idea that if you have decided in one matter, stick to it. That makes Gordan Brown something of a weakest link as he did a U-turn on the recent scrapping of 10p income tax band. I have to say that there are many good qualities of Gordan Brown but much more could be done especially coming from the Labour party. One good example will be going back to their roots. Search for the inner soul and see what the people wants. I really hope that Labour will bounce back.

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