Monday, 12 May 2008

Man U is the King!!!

I am never good at football. In fact, I have little or no interest in English football at all. Back home, I always support KL team but they alwas lose. Given KL's track record, they are still the defending champion (not now though). Anyway, I was overjoyed to hear that Manchester United has won the Premier League title for the tenth time. I am really a happy man now.

It seems that it has gone a long way for Ryan Giggs. I have always admire him ever since I was interested in the team's performance for the past eight years. I can remember that at a point in time, Manchester United won triple titles in a year! It was excellent! Well, they have done it again with two titles this year! Fantastic! Way to go Ryan Giggs! You will always have my support! Who says that we always need to rely on young blood? When you need the experience, you need the old players. I wished David Beckham was in the team. Oh well, he is just too busy with his advetisement shoots. Bless him.

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