Sunday, 4 May 2008

Boris Johnson - The One and Only

Alright guys, we know that Boris Johnson has won the race for London Mayor. He is going to be rich, right? Well, a great footballer of his time and now a mayor of London? I don't think he has ever think that he would be running for the post of mayor of London and succeeded in doing that, right? I am proud of him! That is the way how to do things. He has taken the opportunity to outbeat Ken Livingston and he made it! Congratulations to him!

I think Ken Livingston should just retire. In fact, he has lost the race and he would have to assign the post of mayor of London to Boris Johnson. I think it is time for the Conservatives to take over for a change. It is just like in Malaysia where by the people have voted for the opposition party to govern major States in the country. I think it is good for a change. After all, the people are not really happy in the present government so a change is necessary for them.

In fact, this local election is probably the worst defeat for labour for thelast 40 years. Under Tony Blair's commant, the country was triving and people were happy but when Gordan Brown took over, things started to go wrong. What has happened? Is it because Gordan Brown is just too hard headed as mentioned by some people or he is just living in his own fantasy and forgot about the people?

I think people are just comparing Gordan Brown to Tony Blair. Well, I think it is just an unfair comparison because both of them are different people. What is so important is that Gordan Brown was the exchequer before he took over from Tony Blair. The biggest mistake which he has made (for Gordan Brown) was the abolishment of the 10p income tax band. Many people fall under this category. Look at this example:

If A is earning around £8000 a year, before the abolishment of the 10p tax band, A would only pay 10p for the first £2000 and then 22p for the rest. It traslate to tax amounting to £1520 for A. However, with the abolishment of the 10p income tax band, A would have to pay 22p for his entire £8000 which amounts to £1760. Well, how could Gordan Brown said that people will be better off with the new income tax system but I think it is not true. Oh dear... He has to admit that he has made some miscalculation regarding the abolishment of the 10p income tax band and offer more incentive to help those people who are affected by it.

I really hope that Gordan Brown will come up with a good plan to stay alive. Well, he does not need to call for an election until 2010 anyway... Good luck to him!

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