Sunday, 4 May 2008

How to Mend a Broken Heart

I was so sad about the news of my friend whom I have met a long time ago. We had a good conversation about our lives but she seemed to be really happy. Well, it is not that happy now. She told me that she is not happy with her life because her boyfriend is not taking the effort to speed up the relationship. Just think that the boy's parents does not know that he has been going out for almost three years now! Just think of it. How would she feel? I have no idea.

Well, there is two sides to the story and I am looking forward to hearing from the ex boyfriend. My friend is very upset because she still has feelings for him. He told her that he still had feelings for her. The problem is that he could not continue the relationship because he is scared that his parents will not allow it. Oh boy, I think what is important is that he has to let his parents know the situation before they start to go out, don't you think so? She is such a nice girl but I am afraid that it is so difficult for her to accept the fact that he is abandoning her for good. I think it is just so unjust.

No doubt that she is now working while he is still studying, it does not matter. She went to be with him simply because she loves him! What more would he want from her? I just don't understand. Oh well, I told her that if she is prepared to forget about the whole relationship, she has to make sure that she has nothing which resembles him. I mean it...everything! Oh... I hope that she is alright over there. I am just being a good friend to her. I am really happy that she takes me as her good friend but seriously, I do pity her a lot. Oh well, I hope that she will be alright over there.

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