Thursday, 15 May 2008

Brown's Toughest Yet

Ever since Gordan Brown took office as a successor to Tony Blair as Prime Minister of UK, he has never been in a comfort zone. Why? Well, the downfall of Northern Rock as a direct result of USA's credit crunch which affected UK market; the rising cost of hosehold bills including gas and electricity (while bosses of major utility companies like Centrica are receiving big pay cheques because they are earning in millions more as a direct result of charging a lot more for customers); the scrapping of 10p starting of the income tax band(later had to do a U-turn where Mr Darling had to announce that £120 will be give more to personal allowance to fed off the attack from Labour backbenchers) and not forgetting criticisms from the Conservatives that the Labour is coping them in terms of their policies.

Well, Gordan Brown is not weak. He is a fighter and a survivor. His main problem is whether those policies which he has ammounced earlier would benefit the people. It was mentioned in the news that up to 14000 jobs are unavailable to the public since the starting of the year and house prices are falling and will continue to fall due to the unavailability of loans from the bank to lend money to the public to buy houses. Surveyors and real estate agents are calling for a change in the way how bank works to ease the financial burdon of the public. Gordan Brown stepped in to introduce some counter measures to ease the crisis by allowing Bank of England to provide up to £50 billion to financial institutions. The problem is that with the £50 billion, it does not really help them. I have no idea why but Mervyn King of Bank of England stated that it is a crunch time now, a bumpy ride for many and it is true. What is happening in USA will somehow affect UK. The solution is whether the government is able to sail through the economic crisis and avoid recession is another matter.

Many people arer sought to buying goods online and not on High Street stores as it is relatively cheaper to purchase goods online. However, there are many difficulties if you buy goods online and it does not work. One would have to send back the goods to the company where else if you have purchased a goods on High Street, you can simply return the good(s) to the store. That is the premium price which you need to pay but I think it is worth it sometimes.

Anyway, I really do hope that Gordan Brown will sail through this time.


Joshua said...

Yes, Gordon Brown will sail thorugh the stormy seas!

ぜるもう said...

I hope so. It is just his toughest time as a prime minister. He is on BBC radio 4 right now being interviewed and certainly he is having a tough time.