Thursday, 15 May 2008

China's Death Toll surpasses 15,000!

China's earthquake aftermath has left more than 15,000 dead, many foreigners are missing which includes 29 Malaysians. The provinces that have been badly destroyed are; Wen Chuan, Mianzhu, Bei Chuan, Hanwang, Dujiang Yan, Maoxian and Shifang. This catastrophe leaves the Chinese government in a dire situation where the impact cannot be evaluated and the exact amount of casualties remain yet unknown.

It's time for all religions in the entire world to come together and Pray to God to take control of this situation and do what is best in this moment of unmitigated disaster and loss of innocent beings. I hope and pray that more will be rescued and saved. At this point, it's best left in the hands of God but the rescue operations must remain effective and reliable.

I am quite relieve that China is quite open to the world at large, unlike Burma. It is feared that there will be another cyclone coming to Burma, just two weeks after Cyclone Nagis. China is doing their bids and showing the world that with their ever ready men in tights, they can mobilise their troops to help the people. I have utmost confidence with the Chinese army. Bravo!!!

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