Tuesday, 13 May 2008

David Cameron

Well well well... Look what we got here. It seems that the Conservative leader David Cameron is getting some buzz lately! A poll suggested that he managed to attract many female voters. According to a recent poll, he is smart, young, energetic, good character and most of all, charming. He has a young family and never fail to ignite the spark when he is in a debate with Gordan Brown. Hahahaha. I am not surprised about this.

I think what Gordan Brown needs to do is actually appear more often on the television and tell the people what he wants and what he thinks and the most important of all, what he is going to do about the 'new' Labour. I would have to see about it then.

Lord Levy is not in favour of Gordan Brown too. There was something said about Gordan Brown that he will not be able to beat David Cameron in the next general election which, is due to be on 2010. Gordan Brown is good. He needs to be more open and speak to the public. He must not shy away from the camera. It is also good to know that he is getting some tips from Tony Blair. Good effort!

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