Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Diploma to replace A-Levels

Britain will be doing away with her A-Levels and replacing it with a Diploma qualification, The GCSE, Diplomas and Apprenticeships will also be review by the start of 2013. This move has been long rumoured and now the government has made it known that 2013 will be the start to the new and improvised education system in these various qualifications that has been said to desperately need reconstruction to suit new demands and standards in making graduates more compatible and marketable in today's employment needs and demands.

Not surprising to me that David Cameron seems to be "unclear" on these changes to the education system but not to worry, New Labour has all the answers that he seems "very Concern" about.

I must highlight the fact that Britain's academic qualifications are made available to the world at large and people around the world traditionally have high regards towards British education and i would think that it should cater differently when it comes to foreign countries due to their style of education, availability of information and education culture.

Foreign students shouldn't find the new improvised system less friendlier to them because this would have adverse reactions to Britain's economy that thrives on education. Other western countries have already started gearing up to compete in making their education system and academic qualifications more friendlier and achievable to foreign students.


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