Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Windows XP is the Champion!

Yesterday, I have made an affort to do a comparative benchmark on Windows XP Pro with SP3 and Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with SP1. The result shows that Windows XP Pro with SP3 is much faster than Windows Vista Ultimate with Sp1. Perhaps people might say that such benchmark will be unfair because one is running on 32 bit and another, 64 bit. I beg to differ. I think if Microsoft were to say that Windows Vista is superior than XP, why is that many people are still using Windows XP and neglect Windows Vista then?

Personally, I really like Vista as the GUI is much better compared to XP (provided you have a good pc or laptop to make full use of the aero interface). However, when it comes to the day to day of running softwares, I think it is best to leave it to Windows XP because applications will run faster than Vista. I went to PC Pitstop to run their own benchmark and the results were clear - Windows XP is the winner. I will stick to Windows XP as I like the interface although I am going to miss the aero interface. With the Intel Q6600 CPU, it should run much better under Windows Vista but Windows XP just beat it! Oh well, I guess we have to wait for the upcoming Windows 7 then, right? Stay tuned as Windows 7 is just around the corner. I guess Microsoft just could not wait any longer when people are starting to doubt the strength of Windows Vista over Windows XP. Perhaps Windows 7 can just do the magic with WinFS system.

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