Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I heard about the criticisms about allowing volunteer students to go through their SATs in return of a brighter future when they are facing their GCSCs before entering universities. School heads are concerned that pupils at the tender age of 9 and 10 years old might not have the ability to coup with the amount of pressure which is mounted on them. School authorities, however, stated that it is high time for students to be more focused in doing their school subjects. Well, SATs are primarily concerned with English and Maths but in order to pass their GCSCs, they would have to do more than just the two subjects. It is just natural that if they want to get through their GCSCs with flying colours, they will have to prepare themselves early.

I think it is good that the authorities are coming out with the plan to introduce SATs on a wider scale. However, sometimes it is not fair on the students as they might lose out on being a teenager at all. Oh well, look at China. They do have around 800,000 students and they have to study for around 12 hours a day. I have the utmost respect for them because I would not be able to study 12 hours a day for seven days! Can you do that?

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