Tuesday, 13 May 2008

China faces disaster

A 7.8 Magnitude earthquake has hit Sichuan Province killing 10,000 people and the death toll is fast increasing. This is China's worst tragedy in 30 years where 80% buildings have collapsed leaving the entire province in a disaster that leaves the death toll fast increasing and thousands missing. I am extreamly disturbed by this tragedy because such magnitude of damage, loss and deaths can never be repaired, healed and replaced.

It's a Catastrophe that changes the history of China and will forever remain a black stain in the history of China. Nothing can mend this disastrous impact, all i can do is to cry and pray hard to God Almighty, He is our only Saviour in desperate times like this. I'm thinking of all those pregnant mothers and innocent little children, all gone and brutally killed so barbarically.

Oh My God, We only have you in this dire situation, Send forth your Spirit and your Army of Angels and do what is best Oh My Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


0842 GWT: It has been reported that the toll on China earthquake disaster has reached 10,000. Check it out here.

14 May 2008: It seems that the toll of the quake will rise and as of now, it is standing at 26,000. More rescue attempts have been made but the toll will set to rise because many building collapsed and people are being buried under the rooftop. Many foreign rescuers are in China to help out and my heart goes out to all the people in China. Read the latest news here.

1849 GWT: More than 40,000 people are feared dead and China has mobilised troops to mend a dam which has cracks on the surface. Look here.




Anonymous said...

A very sad day for the world.

Anonymous said...

Time for all faiths to unite for peace

Cecilia said...

Bad start to the Olympics!

ぜるもう said...

What is important is that the unity of the people are strongly present! That is the spirit! Pray and thou hope that the Olympic will be a success. It is a pity that China had the earthquake. Last year they had a bad winter and now... I felt so sorry for them.