Monday, 12 May 2008

Dual Sim Phone

If you ever thinking of buying a dual sim phone (the reason being you have many sim cards in use and does not want to carry too many phones around) - you might want to try the Samsung D880 Duo. It carrys two sim cards and both cards are at active standby at the same time. It is good because you can receive calls from both sim cards and also make calls from both sim cards. You can also send text messages or receive text messages from both sim cards. It is just like a normal phone but now you have two sim cards.

This technology (dual sim cards) is very popular and now Samsung is coming up with the 780 model which is one step better than the D880. It is going to release soon but there are other dual sim cards phone around!

One word of caution - You need to clarify whether the particular phone will enable two sim active sim cards at the same time. Some phones will only allow one active sim card at a time. Well, you can try the CECT N99i for an instance. It allows two active sim cards at the same time. It is quite a good phone because I have used one of them. It is not as expensive as the Samsung D880 Duos (costing £200 from but it is alright.

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