Sunday, 25 May 2008

Eurovision 2008

I was quite upset by the fact that UK came last in the latest Eurovision contest. I do agree with Sir Terry that Eurovision contest no longer a song contest. It is a matter of countries voting for their favourate country and so on. UK only received 14 points (surprised surprised) but it was just an upset.

I think it is expected that no matter how good UK singer is, he or she will not be able to clinge any points because those people who voted for the best song are not really good in selecting a good song. No doubt that the Russian singer sang a powerful ballad produced by Timbaland. What can you expect? Timbaland is famous in the USA and also in the UK for producing ballads such as 'Apologies' and also 'The Way We Were'. I have to agree that the song which was sung by the Russian contestant was really good. However, I think UK's contestant, Mr Abraham, should have received more votes. What a shame. Anyway, we will see about it then. There is no point in knowing who is going to win because I don't think those people who voted know the true meaning of a good song.

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