Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Macross Frontier

For Macross fans, I think Macross Frontier would remind many of you of Macross Plus but I would have to say that Macross Frontier is something of a new idea. I do understand that the story line has something to do with the 'deculture' theme but it has moved on. It was mentioned that Macross Frontier is set to take place after Macross 7 which was a blast to me. I do think that Macross 7 was the best among so many Macross movies. I will be looking forward to finish the movie (Really looking forward to it).

Macross Frontier looks promising beause it has some good storyline over here. Their graphics is also good too. I think with the use of new techonology from Macross Plus days surely helped! Go for it!!!

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