Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Government To Be More Active

I do welcome Datuk Najib's remark in which the government will be taking a more active role in interation with the people through blogging. I think through blogging, the people will be able to feel that the government is doing something for the people or rather a response to bloggers.

In this techonological age, blogging is something a part of life. Sometimes, it is really hard for someone to express their feelings or views about one particular thing. The question is how are they going to tell the world? Blogging will help them. In fact, if one were to blog, it would mean that the whole world will be able to see what a person thinks or do. Employers do look through the web to search for potential candidate's profile. Well, that is one of the ways to know about someone, right?

At least the government is trying to communicate better. I think this is a positive step because what the people want is the response from the government. I do agree that the government should be more positive in delivering. It does not really matter if the government is slow to carry out responses to bloggers but I think it is vital that the government should make full use of the digital age to their utmost advantage.

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