Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Oil Prices will Stay Put

It was stated in a local newspaper that high oil prices will stay for a while. This is very important because the demand for oil has never gone down. Emerging markets such as China and India would require more fuel to fund its economic policies and developing countries need oil to progress in their day to day life.

We do understand that oil prices will never drop simply because it is a fossil fuel! Demand for oil will never decrease but supply for oil will certainly decrease. This is true because as we keep on searching for new oil, we are actually extracting the rich minerals from the ground and certainly fossil fuels take a long time to change its form to oil.

What we need now is some good scientiest to invent a good technique to run vehicles on alternative fuels, not just petrol and diesel. Now we have gas and bifuels but it is not quite the one which many people are looking for. What if we can make use of water to power out vehicles? We do understand that there is Hidrogen in water. We just need to invent some gadgets to harnest the power of Hydrogen in water so that it can be converted as one of the power source to power a vehicle.

The question remain: How are we going to do it and what is the solution to the decreasing fossil fuels in the ground?

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