Monday, 19 May 2008

Nokia E90 Firmware Update :) Hurray!

One of my friends came over to my house and asked me whether I can help him to flash his Nokia E90 to the latest firmware. In the UK, owners of the Nokia E90 will only be getting the version 7 firmware if you have signed a contract with O2 or Vodafone. However, I managed to help him to update his E90 to version 210! I am so impress with Nokia because they have released a better version of the E90 firmware in such a short time (1 month from version 200).

With the new firmware, I can see the difference as compared to the firmware version 200. With the new firmware, installation of softwares are much quicker. You can actually see that the installation is running on hyper mode. The next thing would be GPS lock on. Time taken to get a lock on took a fraction of the time on previous firmwares. It takes 10 seconds now to get a lock on my position when I am stationary outside the house. Wow! That is incredible!

Well people, please do upgrade your firmware when you have the opportunity!

The new firmware is as follow:




Nokia E90 (26)

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