Monday, 19 May 2008

The End of an Era

If you do look at this page, you will notice that the headlines for today will be the resignation of Dr. Mahathir or should we say, Tun Mahathir? his resignation was not well received and indeed, he was criticised for his resignation especially during this period when UMNO and also BN going through a dificcult phrase. What UMNO and BN are actually going through is a recovery phrase. After the 12th general election, many things have to be sorted out before the opposition win any additional seats. To ensure that this would not happen, I have gathered that there was a so called post mortem by UMNO and BN itself. UMNO is not united, same goes to BN although BN was previously mentioned to be one of the strongest political parties in the world and no one can ever take over their place. This is because BN represents a wide representation of the society in Malaysia.

To me, with the recent general election results, it shows that BN has weakened. They need to brush up their acts and pull their socks. I think that is what they are currently doing. With Mahathir gone, UMNO seems to think that they have lost their backbone. Well, to me, no one is invincible. Trust me. However, I do think that it is really hard to replace such a good candidate as Tun Mahathir. What he has done to the country is no match for many people in Malaysia. He has done well. I think it is also right to say that with the upcoming inquiry by the Royal Commission, he has to prepare his case. I don't think he has done anything wrong but it is just that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He will be fine. It is just that he is now going to relinquish his seat to prove a point that he is going to spend some quality time on something else and also to silently protest against the current government. Hey, wait a minute. Do you think that Mahathir wants to rule Malaysia again?


2116 GWT: Oh yes, it seems that Gordan Brown is trying his hands on answering questions via youtube! That is a first for the Prime Minister! Way to go! You have to beat David Cameron!!! You can see more of the story here.

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