Monday, 19 May 2008

How do you solve a problem like this?

I am not saying that I do have a lot of experience when it comes to counselling but I can say that I do have a fair share of responsibility when it comes to problems solving when I was in high school and also sometimes, off and on people will come to me for advice. I have no problems with that but sometimes it is just heartbroken to see such things are happening in their life.

What triggered me to write this post was due to me listening to Late Night Love with Graham Torrington. On last night's programme, he was asking people why unfaithfulness happenes. One of the programme listeners who called in said that she has to have a one night stand with someone even though she knows that she is happily married with kids. She intends to tell her husband and not keeping it quiet. Now she regrets having a one night stand with a bloke whom she does not know and no counter measures were taken into action during the night.

Graham Torrington asked the called in listener as to why she would do so. She said that she just did it and she was really sorry for what she has done but she does not know how to break the news to her husband. Obviously, she does not have self control at all. Oh dear... What to do with her? She was asked many questions by GT as to what would her next move was and whether she is risking not telling her husband if she does not have the courage to do so. She is scared that her husband will just walk out on her.

I think what she needs to do is actually to have a quiet moment with her husband and sort things out. It is easily said and done but it is well worth the wait because I don't think she wants the dark secret to haunt her for the rest of her life, right?

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